Glomerulonephritis is a rare incurable disease which occurs when viruses take shelter in the filtering parts of the kidney and the defensive cells of our body attack the viruses and destroy the filtration system, called nephrons. In medical science there is no cure for this disease. Only steroids are used to keep the kidneys protected from the attack. But the damage continues and the person dies due to kidney failure. This kind of disease is called auto-immune disease. Such cases are cured by Homeopathic Immunomodulation, when the body generates the right type of antibody, which destroys the hidden viruses without damaging the nephrons. A cured case of such a disease is given below.  This is a unique case of recovery from such a non-communicable disease which can save thousands of people from all over the world due to kidney failure.

  Name: Shamima Yasmin,

  Age: 35 years,

  Year of treatment: 2006

   Result: Cured within 1 year and never had a relapse.

  Name: Helen Begum

  Age: 40 years,

   Year of treatment: 1992

   Result: Cured within 3 months and never had a relapse.


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