Why Homeopathy needs prolonged treatment to eradicate deep rooted chronic diseases?

In chronic diseases, Homeopathy needs prolonged treatment to completely cure the disease. During the process of treatment, we observe the appearance of various symptoms of detoxification through various routes, which disturb the patients. These processes of elimination of toxins are generally irritating to the patients. But without these disturbing symptoms, the complete cure cannot be achieved.

But the homeopathic physicians face hurdles to convince the patients not to use any alternative treatment to suppress those discharges. The scientists of conventional medicine never accepted this hypothetical concept of homeopathy and helped the patients to use all possible measures to suppress the discharges. Only recently, in case of diarrheal diseases, they are advising the patients to help the process of discharge by oral rehydration therapy and prevented the use of anti-diarrheal drugs.  Otherwise, they never found any harm in using steroids which suppressed the immune system by giving relief to the sufferings caused by painful symptoms of detoxification.

A recent invention presented below will show that the bacteria or virus remain well protected against any possible attack from the members of immune system, the T-cell and the B-cell and remain unharmed and cause disease by producing toxins.

Up till now, we are told by the scientists that, the micro-organisms are responsible for acute diseases only. But the above invention will show that they are responsible for chronic diseases also. This concept was postulated by Hahneman by the concept of miasm as the cause of chronic diseases, which could not be explained by any scientific evidence.

 This invention will help us to make our patients convinced that such mighty viruses need persistent repeated and prolonged assault by the immune system to penetrate the barrier around the micro-organism. That type of vigorous repeated attack can only be applied by the repeated use of homeopathy drugs for a long period of time and by the method of selecting the drugs by symptom analogy, called similimum of homeopathy.

This will help the followers of homeopathy to explain many hypothetical concepts to establish homeopathy on a scientific ground.

How Bacteria Build Homes Inside Healthy Cells

ScienceDaily (Dec. 20, 2011) — Bacteria are able to build camouflaged homes for themselves inside healthy cells — and cause disease — by manipulating a natural cellular process.


Purdue University biologists led a team that revealed how a pair of proteins from the bacteria Legionella pneumophila, which causes Legionnaires disease, alters a host protein in order to divert raw materials within the cell for use in building and disguising a large structure that houses the bacteria as it replicates.

Zhao-Qing Luo, the associate professor of biological sciences who headed the study, said the modification of the host protein creates a dam, blocking proteins that would be used as bricks in cellular construction from reaching their destination. The protein “bricks” are then diverted and incorporated into a bacterial structure called a vacuole that houses bacteria as it replicates within the cell. Because the vacuole contains materials natural to the cell, it goes unrecognized as a foreign structure.

“The bacterial proteins use the cellular membrane proteins to build their house, which is sort of like a balloon,” Luo said. “It needs to stretch and grow bigger as more bacterial replication occurs. The membrane material helps the vacuole be more rubbery and stretchy, and it also camouflages the structure. The bacteria is stealing material from the cell to build their own house and then disguising it so it blends in with the neighborhood.”

The method by which the bacteria achieve this theft is what was most surprising to Luo.

The bacterial proteins, named AnkX and Lem3, modify the host protein through a biochemical process called phosphorylcholination that is used by healthy cells to regulate immune response. Phosphorylcholination is known to happen in many organisms and involves adding a small chemical group, called the phosphorylcholine moiety, to a target molecule, he said.

The team discovered that AnkX adds the phosphorylcholine moiety to a host protein involved in moving proteins from the cell’s endoplasmic reticulum to their cellular destinations. The modification effectively shuts down this process and creates a dam that blocks the proteins from reaching their destination.

The bacterial protein Lem3 is positioned outside the vacuole and reverses the modification of the host protein to ensure that the protein “bricks” are free to be used in creation of the bacterial structure.

This study was the first to identify proteins that directly add and remove the phosphorylcholine moiety, Luo said.

“We were surprised to find that the bacterial proteins use the phosphorylcholination process and to discover that this process is reversible,” he said. “This is evidence of a new way signals are relayed within cells, and we are eager to investigate it.”

The team also found that the phosphorylcholination reaction is carried out at a specific site on the protein called the Fic domain. Previous studies had shown this site induced a different reaction called AMPylation.

It is rare for a domain to catalyze more than one reaction, and it was thought this site’s only responsibility was to transfer the chemical group necessary for AMPylation, Luo said.

“Revealing that this domain has dual roles is very important to identify or screen for compounds to inhibit its activity and fight disease,” he said. “This domain has a much broader involvement in biochemical reactions than we thought and may be a promising target for effective treatments.”

During infection bacteria deliver hundreds of proteins into healthy cells that alter cellular processes to turn the hostile environment into one hospitable to bacterial replication, but the specific roles of only about 20 proteins are known, Luo said.

“In order to pinpoint proteins that would be good targets for new antibiotics, we need to determine their roles and importance to the success of infection,” he said. “We need to understand at the biochemical level exactly what these proteins do and how they take over natural cellular processes. Then we can work on finding ways to block these activities, stop the infection and save lives.”

A paper detailing their National Institutes of Health-funded work is published in the current issue of the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences. In addition to Luo, Purdue graduate student Yunhao Tan and Randy Ronald of Indiana University co-authored the paper.

Luo next plans to use the bacterial proteins as a tool to learn more about the complex cellular processes controlled by phosphorylcholination and to determine the biochemical processes role in cell signaling.


Only homeopathy can protect human race from any disease including the deadly diseases like cancer, AIDS, diabetes etc.

Every day, innumerable number of viruses enter into human body in search of food and shelter and for reproduction. During their stay, they produce toxic waste and pollute the internal environment of human body.  This pollution cause disturbance to the normal functioning of the organs of our body and create various diseases.

Our body is protected from the attack of these microscopic invaders by a defense mechanism called immune system. There are various components of the immune system called T-cell, B-cell, Antibody, Complement, etc. When the viruses enter into our body, a fight begins between the defense forces and the micro invaders. In order to excite the defense forces to be mobilized to begin the fight with the foreign invaders, various symptoms like fever, pain, cough, sneezing, catarrh, diarrhea, dysentery, offensive discharges, etc. begin which produce discomfort to us and we call them dis-ease or diseases. In fact, these symptoms are not diseases. Rather they are the mechanisms required by the human body to excite the total immune system to complete the total process of making the body free from toxins. Hence these symptoms are beneficial and not harmful for human body.

But the scientists of medicine tried to ease these symptoms to give relief from sufferings and developed medicines to remove those symptoms. This caused the defense system to stop the process of destruction of viruses and helped the viruses to enter deep into human body and stay for a longer period of time. This prolonged stay of viruses inside human body causes various harmful effects, because the effort of the defense system to destroy the viruses does never end. Rather it goes on and during the process of destroying viruses in the deeper regions of human body, it damages healthy cells and generates various complex diseases such as anemia, asthma, eczema, gastric ulcer, arthritis, diabetes, etc. Ultimately, there are viruses which can change the human DNA into viral DNA and produce cancer cells.

Thus we see that, the process of stopping the initial allergic symptoms to give relief from the painful symptoms such as fever, ache, cold, inflammation, allergy, etc. by palliative drugs used in conventional allopathic system of medicine, is the root cause of almost all the diseases which invite the use of palliative drugs for hypertension, diabetes, etc. causing further damage to the vital organs like kidney, liver, heart, etc.

Therefore, the system of avoiding the painful processes of detoxification by modern medicine is the real cause of creating the most complicated diseases leading towards complex and malignant diseases.

Now, let us see how the medications used in conventional and homeopathic systems of medicine act in the process of controlling the diseases caused by viruses.

During any viral attack, the human body produces two substances namely prostaglandin and histamine to generate fever, pain and other allergic symptoms to excite the immune system to mobilize the related cellular fighting forces to destroy viruses and toxins produced by viruses.

In conventional medicine, the medicinal substances named Paracetamol and antihistamine are used to destroy prostaglandin and histamine respectively, to arrest the above mentioned allergic symptoms but they do not help the immune system to destroy the viruses. As a result, the invading viruses remain unharmed and continue their process of damaging the healthy cells and produce deadly diseases.

How homeopathic cure can be explained in the light of Freund’s concept of immunopotentiation:-

To understand the curative process of homeopathic medicines, we have to understand the concept of immunopotentiation by the help of a mixture of substances called Freund’s Complete Adjuvant, developed by Dr. Jules T Freund in the year 1942. He was an immunologist, who injected some natural inorganic substances with killed mycobacteria of tuberculosis together in the body of an animal model with cancerous tumor and found that those malignant tumors disappeared. This process of stimulating the immune system by the help of some foreign substances to destroy similar toxic substances in the form of tumor could not be applied on human models due to high toxicity. After 20 years’ of research, this concept of stimulating the immune system by the help of foreign toxic substances applied in the injectable form was abandoned. But unfortunately, this idea was never applied in the oral route of administration.

But if we compare the Freund’s system with the naturopathic and homeopathic systems where we use phytotoxic substances from plants orally as medicinal substances, we find a similarity between these two systems. In spite of the difference in the mode of administration, the similarity lies in the pathogenecity of the substances used in both the systems. By comparison, we can infer that in both the systems, the toxic substances probably excited the immune system to generate the right type of antibody to destroy the toxin or antigen which caused the disease in both the animal and human models. This hypothetical concept helps us to understand the curability of toxic pathogenetic substances used not only in homeopathy or herbal system of medicine but also in the conventional system of medicine at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

This hypothetical concept of homeopathic cure by the help of immunology, will help us to understand the homeopathic concept of “Similia Similibus Curantur or Like Cures Like” postulated by Hahneman with a stronger scientific ground and will make the concept more acceptable to the followers of modern medicine.

Based on the above hypothetical explanation of homeopathic cure, we can draw a conclusion as follows:-

If we use the homeopathic medicines for the relief of early symptoms like pain, fever, cough, itching, allergy, etc., then the human body generates the right type of antibody to destroy the toxic homeopathic medicines, which destroy the homeopathic medicines as well as the invading viruses without causing prolonged symptoms of sufferings.

This effect of homeopathic drugs produced by various toxic pathogenetic (disease producing) substances can be easily understood by the system of immunopotentiation developed by Dr. Jules T Freund, mentioned above. His system of using toxic substances to excite the immune system was successful on animal model only and could not be applied on human body, parenterally i.e. by injection. But by oral application used in herbal and homeopathic systems, we can achieve the same effect of immunopotentiation without causing any harmful effect on human body. This concept of oral application of exciting the immune system by foreign toxic substances to fight diseases was not known at the time of development of homeopathic or herbal systems of medicine, which led the scientists of modern medicine to abandon the system of using toxic substances to generate the right type of cytokines to create the exact type of antibodies to destroy the toxic medicinal substances together with the naturally acquired viruses.

Thus the modified theory of immunology namely, (1) The parenteral use of Freund’s concept of immunopotentiation by the help of foreign toxic substances modified into the oral use and (2) Selection of the said toxic substances by the help of symptom analogy developed by Hahneman, will help us to remove the impediments of modern medicine to combat all types of diseases without damaging immune system by the help of palliative and immunosuppressive drugs used today.

In course of destroying the homeopathic medicinal substances, the defense system simultaneously destroys the invading viruses of similar toxic pathogenetic nature. Thus the destruction of viruses is achieved in a complete and painless way, which is not possible by the conventional system of medicine by the palliative process of medication.

This explanation of homeopathic cure was not given in the Organon of Medicine by Semuel Hahneman due to lack of development of immunology during his time.

Thus we see that with this explanation of homeopathic cure in the light of immunology, only homeopathic medication can help the scientists of medicine to eliminate deadly complex and malignant diseases from human body.