Prevention and cure of diabetes can be made possible by the prevention of autoimmunity by homeopathy, which can help prevent the malignant diseases like cancer, etc.

When we discussed about cancer, we have shown how viruses changed the human DNA into viral DNA and produced cancerous cells. This condition of human body is caused when viruses are allowed to stay for a long period of time without being destroyed immediately after entry, is called “immune deficiency”.  This condition is caused by the disorder of the immune system. Now we shall explain another disorder of the immune system, which is called auto-immunity, which is the cause of millions of diseases, not curable by any existing system of medicine. In a normal human body, insulin is produced in the beta cell of the pancreas, which helps to digest sugar in the blood and protect us from diabetes.

When viruses enter into our body and stay for a longer time, they enter into the pancreas and take shelter in the beta cells and also get attached to the insulin particles. When the numbers of viruses exceed a certain limit, the B cells of our immune system get alert and begin to produce either “anti-beta cell antibody” or “anti-insulin antibody” to destroy the viruses. This is a mistake on the part of our immune system, which never make such mistakes in a normal situation. But when the concentration of the viruses become high, our intelligent immune system lose its capacity to differentiate between the self and non-self substances of our body and become prone to make mistakes to create antibody to destroy substances vitally important for our body. This mistake produces innumerable diseases called auto-immune diseases like diabetes, arthritis, rheumatic fever, kidney diseases (Glomerulonephrites), etc. Due to this mistake, our most reliable defense system become hostile against its host and begin to do a mischievous act of creating incurable diseases.

In fact, the condition of auto-immunity is caused by immune-deficiency, which allowed the viruses to stay longer and created a situation which compelled the immune system to be misguided  and  damaged our vitally important substances. Hence diabetes is a pre-cancerous condition which leads towards the process of cancer.

As we mentioned in our earlier blog post about cancer, this hindrance in killing the viruses by the B and T cells is caused by drugs like acetaminophen and antihistamine to get prompt relief from the sufferings for mobilizing the killer B and T cells. Instead, if we could use the well selected homeopathic remedy to assist  the process of generating antibody to destroy the foreign micro invaders before they get time to penetrate deep and to achieve their goal of creating a permanent abode at the cost of destroying the purity of our internal physiological environment and to cause irreversible damage to our healthy system.


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