To Create Waves Of Awareness About Homeopathy, Don’t We Need To Create Awareness About Immunology?

If we evaluate the cause of non communicable diseases by the help of the knowledge of immunology, we shall be able to understand the causes and how those can be eradicated by the help of homeopathy.

If we are aware about the non communicable diseases, we perhaps know that diseases like diabetes, cancer, SLE, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. constitute almost 80%- 90% of most of the incurable diseases causing sufferings to millions of people which creates great burden on the health care system of the whole world.
These diseases are declared as incurable by modern medicine and are treated by medicines which palliate the sufferings caused by these diseases and slowly increase the intensity of the diseases and damage the vital organs.

If we can treat these diseases by homeopathic medicines, without causing damage to the vital organs and without increasing the intensity of the diseases, it will be of immense help to the suffering humanity and also to the ailing economy of the developed nations, who will be eager to accept with great earnestness the most neglected system of medicine called homeopathy.

Let us talk about the disease cancer. From the knowledge of immunology, we know that viruses cause changes to the human DNA and convert it into viral DNA which changes a human cell into cancerous cell. If we can stop the viruses to stay for a long period of time inside our body and create this mischievous function, we can easily stop the progress of cancer. Instead of destroying the cancer producing (oncogenic) viruses, if we wait for the matured cancer cells to develop and then try to destroy those malignant cells by using cytotoxic drugs, there will be a war which will destroy both malignant and healthy cells simultaneously. But if we help human body to boost the immune system with the help of homeopathic medication, the enemies will be nipped in the bud and there will be no need of prolonged warfare by the help of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
This strategy of preplanned warfare is so simple but so effective that the scientists of modern medicine will have fewer worries and the health care sectors will have to spend fewer funds and homeopathy will attain its expected honor. But to utilize homeopathy for such a purpose, we need the knowledge of immunology to understand the role of viruses in generating the cancerous cells in human body, which is more powerful than all other factors behind the cause of cancer.


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