Protecting Human Race from Damaging Bone Marrow by Allopathic Medication Causing Malignancy

The followers of homeopathy should know the damaging effect of modern allopathic medication on bone marrow, the root of the system of protecting human body from most complicated incurable diseases. To understand the subject clearly, we should know the concept of immune system from the science of immunology.

According to the science of immunology, diseases are caused by foreign substances called antigens, which disturb the normal functioning of human body. The body’s defense mechanism should destroy those disease producing substances immediately as soon as they enter into our body. When that mechanism fail to do the job of keeping our body clean, the disturbance in the normal function of the physiological system begins. These disturbances are called diseases. Now let us see why the defense mechanisms fail to do its job of keeping our body clean.  

A complex system called immune tolerance begins in human body when the body of the child grows in the mother’s womb. If the body of the growing child begin to fight with the foreign toxic substances which enter through the mother’s body into the body of the fetus, the growth of the child’s body cannot take place peacefully and the possibility of abortion become obvious. And no child could have grown in the mother’s womb. Hence nature has developed a system called immune tolerance, which compels the child’s body to allow the foreign toxic substances to exist without any hindrance with the essential ingredients of child’s body till the child become fully developed and capable of leaving the mother’s womb and to begin its life on earth. Due to this reason, the defense mechanism of human body remain tolerant to the foreign toxic substances with whom a friendship has grown during the child’s stay in the mother’s womb called neonatal stage. The foreign toxic substances take the advantage of this asylum and go on creating various diseases till death. These disease producing toxic substances are called Human Leucocyte Antigen (HLA) in the science of immunology, which produce susceptibility to various diseases. As for example, HLA – B-8, B-15, DR-3, DR-4 produce  susceptibility to Diabetes Mellitus, HLA–B-28 produce susceptibility to Ankylosing spondylitis, etc. These are also called Disease susceptibility gene.

In medical science, there is no way to get rid of these disease producing foreign substances. But in homeopathy, we found out that, the use of drugs in micro doses reduce the intensity of these diseases probably by creating awareness in human body’s defense mechanism by breaking the immune tolerance and to create antibody against the inherited toxins. The reason behind the ability of homeopathic microscopic substances to break the immune tolerance is probably the similarity in nature of the inherited toxin and the newly administered toxic medicinal substances used in homeopathy, e.g. the naturally occurring symptom of headache produced by the inherited toxin is cured by the oral application of the medicine Belladonna made by phytotoxin from the plant Deadly Night Shade


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