The need of the help of Immunology to overcome the impediments of allopathy and homeopathy to cure obstinate non-communicable incurable diseases.

The use of homeopathic medicines in curing non-communicable diseases can be explained by the use of the theory of immunology only which could not be done only by the use of the doctrine of homeopathy “like cures like or Similia Similibus Curantur”. If we could assist the system of homeopathy by the concept of “antigen-antibody” of immunology, it would have been easier for the ancient and modern schools of medicine to join hands in treating diseases by the attenuated forms of pathogenetic natural substances together with bacterial endotoxins which was developed by Jules T Freund (vide Freund’s complete and incomplete adjuvants). The followers of modern medicine failed to accept the concept of immunostimulation by the use of adjuvants due to the failure to apply the adjuvants by the injectable form, which was successful for the animal model. If the oral use of the adjuvants used in homeopathy could be made acceptable to the followers of modern medicine, the impediments of the concept of immunomodulation due to the failure of the application of the concept of immunostimulation by injectable form of adjuvants could have been overcome. Instead of using the artificially developed cytokines, if the cytokines could have been developed in human body by the application of attenuated adjuvants of homeopathy, the adverse reactions caused by the application of injectable form of cytokines in treating various viral diseases could have been eliminated with success in curing viral diseases like hepatitis, etc. This concept of homeopathic use of attenuated natural pathogenetic drugs from the early stage of diseases before the immune system has suffered great amount of damage caused by powerful immuno-suppressive drugs used in allopathy, it would have helped the scientists of modern medicine to avoid various therapeutic approaches which is causing diseases to be more incurable and economically more costly to be treated and making people less productive due to repeated and prolonged diseases.