Understanding the Superiority of Homeopathy over Allopathic System of Medicine to help Homeopathic Community to Overcome the Inferiority Complex.

The offensive role of allopathy should be clearly explained to make people really understand the need of homeopathy to make people free from diseases. If we do not understand how allopathy actually cause harm to human body by giving quick relief from sufferings from diseases. General people are not given this information which is deceiving people and make them inclined towards allopathy. The followers of homeopathy are trying to play a role of amicable and friendly with the followers of allopathic system. They do not want to express the harmful effects of allopathic system to the general mass of people. This is because the allopathic community has made the homeopathic community demoralized by some aspects like the non existence of medicinal substance in ultra diluted homeopathic medicines. This theory has made the homeopathic community believe that they are actually deceiving people by giving them placebo i.e. plain water without any medicine, which means that in the name of treatment, the homeopathic doctors are actually cheating people. This inferiority complex has made homeopathic doctors to think themselves as criminals and a low grade of people without the sense of morality.

Now we are going to expose certain facts about medical science which will help the homeopathic doctors with a new feeling of confidence about the true evaluation of the beneficial role of homeopathy. For this, we have to know something about the science of immunology. According to this science, our body is kept clean from bacteria and viruses and other toxic substances, which are the major cause of diseases, by a substance called cytokines. There are many types of cytokines, each one has a especial type of function. These cytokines exist in our body in very microscopic small size, and in a very diluted form called picomolar (10-12) concentrations. These cytokines become more powerful and active in greater dilutions. From this information we come to know that, when the scientists tried to apply these cytokines in high concentration, the function of these cytokines became very toxic and damaged organs like liver, etc. In case of hepatitis, when the cytokine named interferon was applied, the hepatitis virus was found to be destroyed but the liver was damaged causing cirrhosis of liver. This caused the liver specialists to stop the use of interferon in Bangladesh. Like this we can see many instances where increase in dilution caused the effectiveness of medicinal substances rather than the increase of concentration. This approves the beneficial effect of using phytotoxins (toxin from plants) in homeopathic drugs like the use of Podophylum in high dilution at a greater intensity than the concentrated form in the mother tincture, not preferred in homeopathy.


The brief summery of the new concept of Homeopathic Immunomodulation.

Understanding homeopathy in the light of immunology, to develop an alternative medicinal formula, to overcome the impediments of immunology and homeopathy, to combat diseases due to immunological disorders.
(For more than a century, the homeopaths tried to establish homeopathy as scientific method to cure diseases, but failed to do so. The doctrines of organan were based on some hypothetical concepts which could not be explained on a scientific basis. In order to establish homeopathy on a more dependable ground for the benefit of suffering humanity, we decided to take a different approach which is going to be explained in this text.

An alternative approach to explain homeopathy in the light of immunology
to make it acceptable to the followers of modern allopathic system of medicine and to show them how homeopathy can be used in the fields where modern allopathic medications like cytokines, failed to achieve their desired goals to combat diseases caused by immunological disorders. This article was presented at the four international seminars held in Bangladesh in the year 2000).

Efforts to increase the capacity of the immune system, to keep human body free from diseases by the method of detoxification, started from the development of the science of immunology. The bone marrow, which produces blood cells, is the source of that capacity of the immune system to combat external invaders. Due to various reasons, especially due to lack of exposure to the Ultra violet rays from solar radiation, the bone marrow gets weaker and produces weak and inefficient blood cells like the farm animals. No medicine has yet been developed in any system of medicine, which can make the bone marrow healthier and stronger to generate healthy and efficient blood cells to fight foreign micro-organisms.
The failure on the part of the scientists to increase the efficiency of bone marrow to produce healthy blood cells, has compelled them to develop the system of controlling the receptors, enzymes, ion-channels
and the carrier molecules with the help of medicines called channel blockers, inhibitors, etc. By controlling these bio-chemical processes in the cells, with the help of drugs, majority of the diseases caused by
immunological disorders like hypertension, hyperacidity, gastric ulcer, allergy, etc. arebeing controlled now a days.

But this method of palliation is short acting and needs regular use of drugs. These drugs do not help to detoxify the human body but keep the disease symptoms under control and help people to lead an apparently
normal life. But a careful study shows that the intensity of the diseases go on increasing which require to increase the dosage of drugs. In the long run, due to controlling various natural processes of the physiological system by external means of medication, the complexity of the diseases go on increasing and various organs like kidney, liver, heart, etc. gradually get damaged and ultimately stop functioning properly. But people are happy with these palliative drugs due to the prompt relief they get from this mode of medication and also due to their ignorance about the damage which is being done to the immune system by this mode of treatment, which is the root cause of all the malignant incurable diseases from cold allergy, asthma, diabetes, cancer, etc. called diseases due to immunological disorders.

But if we consider the curative action obtained by the use of the naturopathic medicines in the systems of Ayurveda (Herbal) & homeopathic medicine, we can find that the curative processes are long lasting which
keep the human body free from the burden of toxins and people enjoy much more healthier disease free life without the tendency of getting attacked with the malignant and deadly diseases mentioned above. From our observation, it appears that the curative processes rendered by those naturopathic systems might have acted like the systems proved by the scientist Dr. Jules T. Freund in the year 1942, who used the adjuvants in the injectable form to obtain the process of immunostimulation in animal models but was found to be highly toxic for human use (vide internet for “Freund’s complete adjuvant”). Freund’s system of immunostimulation or immunomodulation could not be used extensively on human body due to the failure to develop adjuvants suitable for parenteral (injectable) use for human being. Experiments were carried out by the scientists, to find adjuvants suitable for parenteral (injectable) use for a period of 20 years and was then abandoned forever. The failure to utilize such an ideal method of cure by detoxification by modulating the immune system with the help of natural toxic substances, stopped the way of utilizing the toxic substances as modulators of the T and B-cells, to take measures to identify and eliminate the disease producing toxins called antigens in the language of immunology.

But the scientists found out substances called cytokines produced in human body to control the immune system. These cytokines are now produced in-vitro and used for controlling immune system. But after
clinical trials, they are found to be toxic and almost failed to do the task of immunomodulation to detoxify and make human body disease free, like the naturally generated cytokines produced by the immune system in-vivo in case of any attack from micro-organisms. Our attempt is to compare the ancient oral use of toxic drugs from plants, minerals, animals and bacterial origin with the use of Freund’s complete adjuvant.
If the oral use of toxic drugs of naturopathic systems can be proved to be an alternative to the injectable method of Freund’s complete adjuvant for the process of immunopotentiation, the impediments of
modern medicine to use the ideal method of cure by the help of detoxification could be overcome. This effort to give a scientific explanation of the ancient systems of naturopathy, will help to avoid the use of palliative and immunosuppressive drugs and will stop the process of gradual degradation of the immune system leading towards the immuno-compromised condition of human body prone to be attacked with viruses like HIV, bird flu, mad cow disease and other malignant diseases and will save billions of dollars in health care research globally.

In the ancient times, all the systems of medicine, including the allopathic system, used the toxic substances obtained from natural sources of plants, minerals, chemicals, animals and bacterial origin (vide the book
of Materia Medica by William Hale-White 1935 edition). But they did not have the clear conception about how those natural toxic substances helped to cure diseases, due to their lack of knowledge about immunology. In order to increase the curative effect, scientists of conventional medicine tried to isolate the alkaloids from plants which increased the toxic effects of the drugs further, which produced medicinal aggravation called drug disease, which was reduced by the system of attenuation developed by homeopathy. With the discovery of bacteria and antibiotics, the followers of germ theory became more confident about their concept over the concept of the followers of naturopathy. Simultaneously, a new branch of medicine named immunology was developed which discovered the systems of vaccination. This brought a great success for the followers of germ theory. But the scientists of modern medicine still faced great hindrance to deal with the non-infections diseases, which consisted of majority of the diseases from allergy to cancer. Scientists found out that the immune system, which helped to keep the human body free from antigens or toxins to maintain healthy life, sometimes failed to act with accuracy.

The over or under activity of the immune system developed various illnesses caused by reactions like (i) hypersensitivity, (ii) Cytotoxicity, (iii) Immune complexity, (iv) autoimmunity & (v) immunodeficiency. The bulk of non-infectious diseases are caused by these five reactions of immune system, which we are going to explain in brief. The white blood cells are known to the common people as the soldiers of defense mechanism, which keep the human body free from foreign invaders with their act of scavenging. These white blood cells (WBC) possess an inherent capacity to differentiate and identify the toxic and non-toxic ingredients of human body. While destroying the toxic ingredients, they sometimes excite the healthy cells to produce substances called histamine which cause allergy, this reaction is called Hypersensitivity reaction Sometimes they destroy healthy cells and cause anemia, that reaction is called cytotoxic reaction. Sometimes they combine with toxic substances called immune complex substances, which damage adjacent healthy tissues and cause diseases like eczema, psoriasis, leprosy, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, liver cirrhosis and even cancer, etc., which is called Immune complex reaction. Sometimes the army of defense system makes mistakes and begins to destroy substances like insulin and cause diabetes and other deadly diseases like SLE, glomerulonephritis, infertility, etc. This reaction is called autoimmunity. The fifth reaction is caused when
the defense mechanism becomes totally inactive allows the invaders to enter into the human body and roam about freely and render the person subjected to the continuous processes of diseases beginning from cold
allergy to cancer, this reaction is called immunodeficiency.

To handle the diseases caused by these five reactions called immunological disorders, scientists developed anti-allergic drugs and also drugs called steroid etc., to suppress the immune system to stop the over-activity of the defense forces. To increase the under activity called immunodeficiency, they developed immunoglobulin (IG) to apply from external sources, which is very expensive and not very much accurate in activity.

The other method is called bone marrow transplantation which is both expensive and risky. This failure on the part of the scientists of conventional medicine to control the immunological disorders by the method of detoxification, could be overcome by the oral application of natural toxic substances as is done in the naturopathic systems of medicine together with the oral use of the products of bacterial endotoxins used in homeopathy. This mode of application of combined form of antigenic (toxic) substances resembles the system of application of Freund’s complete adjuvant (toxic natural substances with the bacterial product). The difference lies only in the mode of administration. The naturopathic systems like Ayurveda (herbal) system do not use the bacterial products, which is only done in homeopathy. This similarity of alternative mode of application of the Freund’s complete adjuvant was observed by us in the year 1973 and we named the
homeopathic use of natural toxins with the bacterial products as combined oral micro-immunotherapy (COMIT) previously named as Dynamised Micro-immunotherapy by Dr. O. A. Julian. But this concept of immunomodulation probably acted in the humoral and cellular level and could not fulfill the task of bone marrow stimulation, which is the actual site of origin of immunological activity, where the products used as adjuvants could not reach to fulfill the purpose of rectification of the controlling center of the immune mechanism. In our research, this point was taken into consideration and the modified concept of oral immunomodulation based on Freund’s concept of immunomodulation with the help of adjuvants was modified by making the use of radioactive products like Uranium and Radium in the minute dose together with the natural herbal and the bacterial products simultaneously. This made the breakthrough in achieving the effect of bone marrow stimulation which could not be achieved by the use of natural herbal and bacterial products alone. The use of radioactive products like Uranium and Radium in the minute dose together with the natural and the bacterial products simultaneously as is done in homeopathy, makes it more competent in curing diseases by the immune system than any other systems of medicine. This makes homeopathy superior to the system of modern conventional medicine, which failed to achieve its desired goal of immunomodulation with the help of cytokines (vide internet). This is possible by homeopathy because it can achieve the effect of bone marrow stimulation. The use of various toxic substances in the attenuated oral formmakes homeopathy effective in modulating the immune system in the humoral,cellular and medullar levels i.e. antibody mediated, cell mediated and bone marrow (stem cell) mediated immune reactions respectively.The use of radioactive products like Uranium and Radium for the purpose of bone marrow stimulation was made more effective and with less medicinal aggravation by the use of two other homeopathic medicines named X-ray and Sol, both developed by Dr. Bernhardt Fincke MD (vide A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by Dr. John Henry Clarke MD).

The systematic use of the above mentioned homeopathic medicines based on the concept of homeopathic symptomatology together with the concept of immunomodulation in immunology for the purpose of total annihilation of the genetically inherited toxicity called miasmatic defects in classical homeopathy, gave us tremendous success in curing diseases due to immunological disorders, which is beyond the imagination to be achieved by classical homeopathy alone.

Protecting Human Race from Damaging Bone Marrow by Allopathic Medication Causing Malignancy

The followers of homeopathy should know the damaging effect of modern allopathic medication on bone marrow, the root of the system of protecting human body from most complicated incurable diseases. To understand the subject clearly, we should know the concept of immune system from the science of immunology.

According to the science of immunology, diseases are caused by foreign substances called antigens, which disturb the normal functioning of human body. The body’s defense mechanism should destroy those disease producing substances immediately as soon as they enter into our body. When that mechanism fail to do the job of keeping our body clean, the disturbance in the normal function of the physiological system begins. These disturbances are called diseases. Now let us see why the defense mechanisms fail to do its job of keeping our body clean.  

A complex system called immune tolerance begins in human body when the body of the child grows in the mother’s womb. If the body of the growing child begin to fight with the foreign toxic substances which enter through the mother’s body into the body of the fetus, the growth of the child’s body cannot take place peacefully and the possibility of abortion become obvious. And no child could have grown in the mother’s womb. Hence nature has developed a system called immune tolerance, which compels the child’s body to allow the foreign toxic substances to exist without any hindrance with the essential ingredients of child’s body till the child become fully developed and capable of leaving the mother’s womb and to begin its life on earth. Due to this reason, the defense mechanism of human body remain tolerant to the foreign toxic substances with whom a friendship has grown during the child’s stay in the mother’s womb called neonatal stage. The foreign toxic substances take the advantage of this asylum and go on creating various diseases till death. These disease producing toxic substances are called Human Leucocyte Antigen (HLA) in the science of immunology, which produce susceptibility to various diseases. As for example, HLA – B-8, B-15, DR-3, DR-4 produce  susceptibility to Diabetes Mellitus, HLA–B-28 produce susceptibility to Ankylosing spondylitis, etc. These are also called Disease susceptibility gene.

In medical science, there is no way to get rid of these disease producing foreign substances. But in homeopathy, we found out that, the use of drugs in micro doses reduce the intensity of these diseases probably by creating awareness in human body’s defense mechanism by breaking the immune tolerance and to create antibody against the inherited toxins. The reason behind the ability of homeopathic microscopic substances to break the immune tolerance is probably the similarity in nature of the inherited toxin and the newly administered toxic medicinal substances used in homeopathy, e.g. the naturally occurring symptom of headache produced by the inherited toxin is cured by the oral application of the medicine Belladonna made by phytotoxin from the plant Deadly Night Shade

Why Homeopathy needs prolonged treatment to eradicate deep rooted chronic diseases?

In chronic diseases, Homeopathy needs prolonged treatment to completely cure the disease. During the process of treatment, we observe the appearance of various symptoms of detoxification through various routes, which disturb the patients. These processes of elimination of toxins are generally irritating to the patients. But without these disturbing symptoms, the complete cure cannot be achieved.

But the homeopathic physicians face hurdles to convince the patients not to use any alternative treatment to suppress those discharges. The scientists of conventional medicine never accepted this hypothetical concept of homeopathy and helped the patients to use all possible measures to suppress the discharges. Only recently, in case of diarrheal diseases, they are advising the patients to help the process of discharge by oral rehydration therapy and prevented the use of anti-diarrheal drugs.  Otherwise, they never found any harm in using steroids which suppressed the immune system by giving relief to the sufferings caused by painful symptoms of detoxification.

A recent invention presented below will show that the bacteria or virus remain well protected against any possible attack from the members of immune system, the T-cell and the B-cell and remain unharmed and cause disease by producing toxins.

Up till now, we are told by the scientists that, the micro-organisms are responsible for acute diseases only. But the above invention will show that they are responsible for chronic diseases also. This concept was postulated by Hahneman by the concept of miasm as the cause of chronic diseases, which could not be explained by any scientific evidence.

 This invention will help us to make our patients convinced that such mighty viruses need persistent repeated and prolonged assault by the immune system to penetrate the barrier around the micro-organism. That type of vigorous repeated attack can only be applied by the repeated use of homeopathy drugs for a long period of time and by the method of selecting the drugs by symptom analogy, called similimum of homeopathy.

This will help the followers of homeopathy to explain many hypothetical concepts to establish homeopathy on a scientific ground.

A Case of HIV/AIDS Cured by Homeopathy

In the year 2002, One Dr. M. R  MBBS,  now a resident of USA,  sent a person named JH of age 25 years, originally a man from Bangladesh, who contracted HIV from Singapore to me for Homeopathic treatment. He suffered from continued fever and was sent to the Singapore General Hospital for treatment. He was found to be HIV positive and was sent immediately back home. In the past, I treated and cured a patient with hepatitis B virus referred by Dr. M.R to me, which convinced him about the curative power of homeopathy over viral diseases.
Since HIV/AIDS has no systematic treatment in homeopathy, I was looking for the probable causative factor of such a viral disease since it does not fall clearly in any miasmatic class of diseases. After  taking the family history of the patient, I found a tubercular history in both the paternal and maternal side. This family history was confirmed by the continued fever of the patient which was named by the hospital as PUO (pyrexia of unknown origin). From my previous experience, I selected Tuberculinum Bovinum as the medicine of first choice to be applied to the patient and I acted accordingly. The potency was selected as the 50 millesimal potency which I generally do for the nosodes in chronic miasmatic diseases. One month after the beginning of the remedy in LM/1 potency, the fever came down from 100.5 to the normal level of 98.6. After further one month of medication, the patient began to have urethral discharge of bloody pus, which continued for further 3 months, accompanied by painful burning sensation which was kept under bearable limit by homeopathic medicines like Cantharis, Berberis Vulgaris, Terebinth etc. After the end of this discharge, the Elisa Test was performed on the patient which was found to be negative for HIV. This miraculous result was informed to the organization ICCDR,B who control the treatment of HIV/AIDS patients in Bangladesh. They were skeptical about such a result from homeopathic treatment and advised the patient to undergo allopathic treatment. My patient did not agree to their suggestion and continued with the homeopathic treatment. Every year the blood of the patient has been tested and is found to be negative for HIV.

Oraquick Oral In Home Saliva Test For Hiv. (Completely Private)



Although this experiment of homeopathic treatment on HIV does not give any confirmative result, such an experiment can be repeated for more HIV infected people which we could not do due to unavailability of HIV/AIDS patient in Bangladesh. I, therefore, urge my fellow homeopathic doctors, especially from the HIV infected regions of Africa to communicate with us, so that we can conduct similar experiments with homeopathy for treating HIV/ AIDS.


To Create Waves Of Awareness About Homeopathy, Don’t We Need To Create Awareness About Immunology?

If we evaluate the cause of non communicable diseases by the help of the knowledge of immunology, we shall be able to understand the causes and how those can be eradicated by the help of homeopathy.

If we are aware about the non communicable diseases, we perhaps know that diseases like diabetes, cancer, SLE, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. constitute almost 80%- 90% of most of the incurable diseases causing sufferings to millions of people which creates great burden on the health care system of the whole world.
These diseases are declared as incurable by modern medicine and are treated by medicines which palliate the sufferings caused by these diseases and slowly increase the intensity of the diseases and damage the vital organs.

If we can treat these diseases by homeopathic medicines, without causing damage to the vital organs and without increasing the intensity of the diseases, it will be of immense help to the suffering humanity and also to the ailing economy of the developed nations, who will be eager to accept with great earnestness the most neglected system of medicine called homeopathy.

Let us talk about the disease cancer. From the knowledge of immunology, we know that viruses cause changes to the human DNA and convert it into viral DNA which changes a human cell into cancerous cell. If we can stop the viruses to stay for a long period of time inside our body and create this mischievous function, we can easily stop the progress of cancer. Instead of destroying the cancer producing (oncogenic) viruses, if we wait for the matured cancer cells to develop and then try to destroy those malignant cells by using cytotoxic drugs, there will be a war which will destroy both malignant and healthy cells simultaneously. But if we help human body to boost the immune system with the help of homeopathic medication, the enemies will be nipped in the bud and there will be no need of prolonged warfare by the help of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
This strategy of preplanned warfare is so simple but so effective that the scientists of modern medicine will have fewer worries and the health care sectors will have to spend fewer funds and homeopathy will attain its expected honor. But to utilize homeopathy for such a purpose, we need the knowledge of immunology to understand the role of viruses in generating the cancerous cells in human body, which is more powerful than all other factors behind the cause of cancer.

Prevention and cure of diabetes can be made possible by the prevention of autoimmunity by homeopathy, which can help prevent the malignant diseases like cancer, etc.

When we discussed about cancer, we have shown how viruses changed the human DNA into viral DNA and produced cancerous cells. This condition of human body is caused when viruses are allowed to stay for a long period of time without being destroyed immediately after entry, is called “immune deficiency”.  This condition is caused by the disorder of the immune system. Now we shall explain another disorder of the immune system, which is called auto-immunity, which is the cause of millions of diseases, not curable by any existing system of medicine. In a normal human body, insulin is produced in the beta cell of the pancreas, which helps to digest sugar in the blood and protect us from diabetes.

When viruses enter into our body and stay for a longer time, they enter into the pancreas and take shelter in the beta cells and also get attached to the insulin particles. When the numbers of viruses exceed a certain limit, the B cells of our immune system get alert and begin to produce either “anti-beta cell antibody” or “anti-insulin antibody” to destroy the viruses. This is a mistake on the part of our immune system, which never make such mistakes in a normal situation. But when the concentration of the viruses become high, our intelligent immune system lose its capacity to differentiate between the self and non-self substances of our body and become prone to make mistakes to create antibody to destroy substances vitally important for our body. This mistake produces innumerable diseases called auto-immune diseases like diabetes, arthritis, rheumatic fever, kidney diseases (Glomerulonephrites), etc. Due to this mistake, our most reliable defense system become hostile against its host and begin to do a mischievous act of creating incurable diseases.

In fact, the condition of auto-immunity is caused by immune-deficiency, which allowed the viruses to stay longer and created a situation which compelled the immune system to be misguided  and  damaged our vitally important substances. Hence diabetes is a pre-cancerous condition which leads towards the process of cancer.

As we mentioned in our earlier blog post about cancer, this hindrance in killing the viruses by the B and T cells is caused by drugs like acetaminophen and antihistamine to get prompt relief from the sufferings for mobilizing the killer B and T cells. Instead, if we could use the well selected homeopathic remedy to assist  the process of generating antibody to destroy the foreign micro invaders before they get time to penetrate deep and to achieve their goal of creating a permanent abode at the cost of destroying the purity of our internal physiological environment and to cause irreversible damage to our healthy system.

An easy way to prevent and cure cancer in homeopathy

A healthy human body contains two types of cells called B and T cells. These two types of cells are engaged in a continuous process of war against bacteria and viruses. When a virus enters into a human body and comes in contact with a B cell, the B cell produces a substance called cytokine (vide internet), which spreads the message of the attack by the enemies very fast to all the defending cells (B and T cells).
Due to the production of the cytokines, the human body produces substances called prostaglandin, histamine etc. to excite the human body to increase the temperature to cause fever and produce symptoms of allergy like cold, cough, sneezing, pain, etc. We call these symptoms as allergic symptoms. Actually, these symptoms are produced to excite the human body to invite the defending cells from the resting places of the cells (Lymph nodes) and to bring them to the places of entry of the bacteria and viruses (normally the nose and the mouth).
The B cells produce very minute substances called antibodies, which rush to the places of entry of the viruses and attack the enemies. Some of the antibodies can destroy the enemies. If the antibodies cannot destroy the enemies, they give a signal to the T cells, which are more powerful then antibodies. After receiving the signal, the T cells reach the desired place of attack and ingest or swallow the viruses. Then the T cells destroy the enemies by digestion. Thus we get rid of the attack from the microorganisms. But this process of total elimination of bacteria and viruses need few days and the sufferings become unbearable, if we do not use any medication.
When the enemies enter into our bodies and the allergic symptoms start to invite the defending cells to destroy the enemies, we feel disturbed and try to get quick relief and take allopathic medicines called acetaminophen or Tylenol and antihistamine, etc. These medicines stop the production of prostaglandin and histamine and give us prompt relief from the disturbing allergic symptoms. But this stops the process of war between the defending cells and the enemies. People become happy by this process of treatment, but in fact, this helps the enemies to escape from the attack by the killer cells (B and T cells) and enter deep into the tissues and enter into the healthy cells to change the human DNA into viral DNA. This conversion of the DNA changes the healthy human cells into cancerous cells. These cancerous cells increase in number very fast by taking the nutrition from the human body and spread all over our body to kill us by cancer.
So we can understand, how we are proceeding towards cancer due to using some medications which do not help to kill the invading enemies rather this process of getting quick relief help the enemies to reach their desired goal of making themselves immortal by establishing themselves permanently inside the human cells and converting the cells into cancerous cells.
But instead of conventional medication (acetaminophen or Tylenol and antihistamine) if we use homeopathic medicines like Aconite, Bryonia, Belladonna, Rhus Tox, Ars Alb, etc. to get relief from the allergic symptoms, we can also get quick relief but in a different way. These drugs probably react with B cells to generate the right type of antibodies to attack and destroy the viruses instantly without stopping the process of war.
Since this concept of homeopathic cure is not approved by the principle of homeopathy, we shall have to draw the reference of a scientific document called “Freund’s concept of immunopotentiation by the complete and incomplete adjuvants” developed by the American scientist Dr. J. T. Freud.
The purpose of this new concept is to show the beneficial aspect of homeopathic cure over the conventional system of medication.
In 1940, the scientist Dr. J. T. Freund used natural substances with killed mycobacteria to eliminate cancerous tumor in an animal model by injection. This invention of the concept of stimulating the B and T cells by foreign toxic substances to destroy cancerous cells could not be applied on human body by injection as it produced necrosis. This system was tested for a period of 20 years and was abandoned. But unfortunately, the application of the toxic substances by the oral route was never tried for human being instead of injection. However, due to this research, the cytokines were developed and used to attain the effect of stimulating the immune system
By comparing the system of homeopathy and the concept of Dr. Freund’s immunotherapy on animal model, we can conclude that the use of natural toxic substances from animal, vegetable, mineral, and bacterial origin used in naturopathic and homeopathic systems of medicine used to cure diseases for the last few centuries probably acted on the same principle of stimulating the B and T cells of immune system and generating the right type of antibodies to indentify the invading bacteria and viruses and the toxins and to destroy them by ingestion by the T cells.
If this hypothetical concept of homeopathic cure by killing the micro-organisms by using the components (B and T cells) of the immune system to destroy the viruses and their toxic products to make human body clean and free from toxic ingredients, can be scientifically established by Freund’s concept of immunopotentiation by the help of adjuvants, the ability of homeopathic medication to help its user remain free from malignant diseases and to achieve a prolonged disease free life, can be successfully materialized. As Dr. Drysdale rightly said, “He who proves homeopathic medicines in high dilutions on one’s own self, can live a long disease free life like a ripe old man”.

Why Immunological Principle Is Necessary To Enrich Homeopathic Principle and Vice Versa.

The purpose of these article is to make the homeopathic community aware about the concept of homeopathic cure in the light of immunology, which was initiated by Dr. O A Julian of France, who died in 1984. After his demise, nobody came forward to take the initiative of explaining homeopathic cure in the light of “Dynamized Micro-immunotherapy” or modern immunology.

I believe, this scientific explanation of the principle of homeopathy postulated by the dictum “Similia Similibus Curantur” will help the followers of modern medicine to realize the concept of homeopathy for which they are trying to reach the goal of stimulating the immune system to destroy the living and non-living toxins by the help of cytokines called interferons and interleukins.

It is a matter of great tragedy that, the scientists of modern medicine could not accept the approach of oral application as they did in case of polio vaccine to avoid the harmful effect of injectable form of polio vaccine, which caused serious paralytic effect for millions of children worldwide.

I believe, my effort to create awareness among the followers of conventional medicine regarding the oral application of diluted natural toxins by the system of selection by symptom analogy adopted in homeopathy, will help their conscience to be aroused to understand the detrimental effect of using cytokines in massive doses by the parenteral  or injectable route.

This minor change of their decision will help save billions of people from the destructive effect of using the alternative approach of using immuno-suppressive drugs instead of immunomodulation or

Why homeopathy is superior to any other system of medicine in combating diseases?

Any substance which is pathogenetic, helps to excite the defense mechanism of human body and cause a disease symptoms. Such as the repeated oral administration of cinchona officinalis or china cause the symptom of fever. Similarly other homeopathic drugs cause various symptoms when applied repeatedly on human subjects. This method of testing medicinal substances on healthy human body is called “proving” in homeopathy. This system of proving was developed by Hahnemann which was not understood by the followers of other systems of medicine.
To understand this process let us try to explain why the disease symptoms are produced by various natural toxins. We are used to understand that disease symptoms are normally produced by viruses. The viruses excite the immune system to produce disease symptoms to produce various substances called cytokines to generate the right type of antibodies and to invite the killer cells to destroy the viruses.
But why the natural toxins produced the pathogenetic symptoms could not be explained in the light of medical science. Hence the concept of proving drugs on healthy human subjects remained a dilemma to the scientists. But with our knowledge of immunology, we can postulate that the natural toxins caused the B cells to generate the antibodies by mimicking the viruses and invite the T cells to destroy the natural toxins. During this process of war between natural toxins and the B and T cells, the cytokines are produced to generate the disease symptoms.
In case of viral attack, the viruses replicate and increase in numbers and hence the disease symptoms do not die out with time. But in case of natural toxins, the number of attenuated or diluted toxins get destroyed by the B and T cells and disappear with time. During this process of destruction of artificially administrated toxins, the B and T cells destroy the viral toxins present in human body similar in nature to the natural toxins. This killing of viruses take place on the part of the B and T cells by mistake, because this is against the system of immune tolerance due to which the killer cells gave protection to the viruses instead of destroying them as enemies.
This immune tolerance is generated by the prolonged co-existence of the viruses with the members of the defense system i.e. B and T cells. This concept of exciting the immune system by the help of pathogenetic natural toxins to arouse the conscience of the members of the immune system to fulfill their forgotten responsibility of scavenging the internal environment of human body due to their unholy alliance with the enemies.
In order to select the natural toxin to generate the correct type of killer cells, we have to select the natural toxin similar in nature to produce pathogenicity of the existing viruses of the disease, against which the fight is going to be conducted.  This method of selecting natural toxins may be called “selection by the method of symptom analogy”, which was developed by Hahnemann without an explanation acceptable by the scientists.

Now with this explanation, we can understand how without knowing the exact chemical nature of the antigenic substances causing any disease, the followers of homeopathy selected natural pathogenetic substances and applied them by oral route which prevented the necrotic effect of freund’s method of immunomodulation due to parenteral administration.
This homeopathic mode of treating diseases helped to use any kind of toxic substances like heavy metals or snake venoms or radioactive substances without causing any damage to the human body. Moreover, the method of attenuation or dilution helped the administered toxin to overcome the barrier of the physiological system and penetrate deep to reach the region from where the immune system is activated. This approach of homeopathy is absent in the existing herbal or ayurvedic system and lacks the capacity of homeopathic medication.
Due to lack of our capacity to explain the curative process of homeopathy by the use of natural diluted toxins, the scientists of modern medicine considered the curative effect of natural toxins as germ killing effect and increased the concentration of alkaloids to increase that capacity. Such as in the use of Rauwolfia Serpentina as anti hypertensive drug, they increased the concentration of the alkaloid reserpine in the drug named Serpasil which caused the effect of mental disorder together with the effect of lowering the blood pressure.
Moreover, they totally abandoned the use of natural toxins and began using steroids which depress the capacity of the bone marrow causing malignant disease.