The need of the help of Immunology to overcome the impediments of allopathy and homeopathy to cure obstinate non-communicable incurable diseases.

The use of homeopathic medicines in curing non-communicable diseases can be explained by the use of the theory of immunology only which could not be done only by the use of the doctrine of homeopathy “like cures like or Similia Similibus Curantur”. If we could assist the system of homeopathy by the concept of “antigen-antibody” of immunology, it would have been easier for the ancient and modern schools of medicine to join hands in treating diseases by the attenuated forms of pathogenetic natural substances together with bacterial endotoxins which was developed by Jules T Freund (vide Freund’s complete and incomplete adjuvants). The followers of modern medicine failed to accept the concept of immunostimulation by the use of adjuvants due to the failure to apply the adjuvants by the injectable form, which was successful for the animal model. If the oral use of the adjuvants used in homeopathy could be made acceptable to the followers of modern medicine, the impediments of the concept of immunomodulation due to the failure of the application of the concept of immunostimulation by injectable form of adjuvants could have been overcome. Instead of using the artificially developed cytokines, if the cytokines could have been developed in human body by the application of attenuated adjuvants of homeopathy, the adverse reactions caused by the application of injectable form of cytokines in treating various viral diseases could have been eliminated with success in curing viral diseases like hepatitis, etc. This concept of homeopathic use of attenuated natural pathogenetic drugs from the early stage of diseases before the immune system has suffered great amount of damage caused by powerful immuno-suppressive drugs used in allopathy, it would have helped the scientists of modern medicine to avoid various therapeutic approaches which is causing diseases to be more incurable and economically more costly to be treated and making people less productive due to repeated and prolonged diseases.


Prevention and cure of diabetes can be made possible by the prevention of autoimmunity by homeopathy, which can help prevent the malignant diseases like cancer, etc.

When we discussed about cancer, we have shown how viruses changed the human DNA into viral DNA and produced cancerous cells. This condition of human body is caused when viruses are allowed to stay for a long period of time without being destroyed immediately after entry, is called “immune deficiency”.  This condition is caused by the disorder of the immune system. Now we shall explain another disorder of the immune system, which is called auto-immunity, which is the cause of millions of diseases, not curable by any existing system of medicine. In a normal human body, insulin is produced in the beta cell of the pancreas, which helps to digest sugar in the blood and protect us from diabetes.

When viruses enter into our body and stay for a longer time, they enter into the pancreas and take shelter in the beta cells and also get attached to the insulin particles. When the numbers of viruses exceed a certain limit, the B cells of our immune system get alert and begin to produce either “anti-beta cell antibody” or “anti-insulin antibody” to destroy the viruses. This is a mistake on the part of our immune system, which never make such mistakes in a normal situation. But when the concentration of the viruses become high, our intelligent immune system lose its capacity to differentiate between the self and non-self substances of our body and become prone to make mistakes to create antibody to destroy substances vitally important for our body. This mistake produces innumerable diseases called auto-immune diseases like diabetes, arthritis, rheumatic fever, kidney diseases (Glomerulonephrites), etc. Due to this mistake, our most reliable defense system become hostile against its host and begin to do a mischievous act of creating incurable diseases.

In fact, the condition of auto-immunity is caused by immune-deficiency, which allowed the viruses to stay longer and created a situation which compelled the immune system to be misguided  and  damaged our vitally important substances. Hence diabetes is a pre-cancerous condition which leads towards the process of cancer.

As we mentioned in our earlier blog post about cancer, this hindrance in killing the viruses by the B and T cells is caused by drugs like acetaminophen and antihistamine to get prompt relief from the sufferings for mobilizing the killer B and T cells. Instead, if we could use the well selected homeopathic remedy to assist  the process of generating antibody to destroy the foreign micro invaders before they get time to penetrate deep and to achieve their goal of creating a permanent abode at the cost of destroying the purity of our internal physiological environment and to cause irreversible damage to our healthy system.

How To Boost Our Immune System To Fight Diseases.

Perhaps you are not aware of the fact that, our body is gradually losing its capacity to fight diseases. The scientists of modern medicine developed a kind of substance named cytokines to increase that capacity but failed to achieve success.

Due to this failure, we are gradually proceeding towards a serious physical condition when our body cannot maintain its purity and become full of toxic substances. In that situation the healthy human cells are converted into harmful cells called malignant cells or cancer cells. These harmful cells slowly kill us and no medicine can resist that process of death. We have developed a new system
called Homeomodulation which can resist the process of malignancy successfully, which we are going to narrate in detail.

When people get sick, they go to the doctors and take medicine according to his suggestions. But people never bother to know the complicated processes which cause the diseases. We are going to narrate the facts behind the real cause of most of the obstinate diseases which we do not know. We shall show that the real causes are very much different from what we generally know about the cause of the diseases. To understand the actual cause of disease, we shall have to know something about a science called Immunology which deals with the immune system.

In human body this is a defense mechanism which protects us from the attack of foreign microorganisms called bacteria and viruses. These foreign invaders enter into our body to have their food and shelter and for reproduction. During this process, they produce some toxic substances which disturb the normal functioning of the organs like liver, kidney, etc. of our body. A human body cannot tolerate this pollution and begin to destroy the toxins. Thus a fight starts inside our body, which creates some uneasy feelings like fever, pain, headache, diarrhea etc. We call these feelings dis-ease.

If somebody has a strong and efficient immune system, the duration of this fight will last for a short time or will be negligible. So a man with a healthy immune system will never experience diseased condition in his life time. The efficiency of immune system depends on the capacity of the white blood cells to destroy the foreign invaders. These white blood cells are generated inside the bone marrow. If a man has healthy bone marrow, his white blood cells will be healthy and capable of destroying the foreign invaders without a prolonged war. So to keep a man healthy, the scientists should have something which can penetrate the bone and can make the bone marrow healthy.
But there is not a single substance which can do this job. Yes, no medical
scientist has yet been successful to identify and develop a substance which can
perform this great task of stimulating the bone marrow which is the root of the
origin of the immune system.

The failure to develop such a substance has compelled the scientists to adopt an
alternative way to keep the painful symptoms of disease under control by the
application of medicines called palliative drugs, which does not eliminate the
cause of the disease i.e. the microorganisms. Rather it damages the strength of
the immune system further helping more powerful microorganisms to enter and
create more severe diseases. Based on this information, we are going to explain how we can avoid this process of treating diseases, without causing any harm to the human body.

I, as the researcher in alternative medicine and immunology, have been observing the progress of conventional allopathic medicine and came to learn about the impediments caused by the mode of application of the cytokines. Instead of, oral application of substances which can stimulate the bone marrow to produce the correct type of blood to generate the exact quantity of cytokines required to fight and destroy the exact type of microorganisms, the scientists of immunotherapy applied an externally produced cytokine in a massive dose by the parenteral (injectable) route which caused the damaged to the existing capacity of the immune system, instead of rejuvenating it.Considering these facts, we began to search some natural substances which can act as oral adjuvants to generate the correct type of cytokines by the immune system without causing the detrimental

effect like the artificially produced cytokines. This search began in the year
1983 and we could select and identify few substances which can play the role of
alternative to the injectable form of immunotherapy. This helped us to make a
breakthrough in curing most obstinate incurable diseases which could have never been attained in the history of medicine. About the complete findings, we shall be sharing with the fellow researchers in near future.