About Me

I was born in Jamshedpur, Bihar in India in 1947. I was sick from my childhood and was treated by eminent allopathic doctors of India who declared my illness as incurable. Hence my parents got me treated by homeopaths but I was never completely cured. However, I survived somehow and I started my life as an engineer from BUET in 1972.
In 1973 while serving in Iraq, I came in touch with Dr. Julian, a homeopath in France who treated me and cured me completely. He told me about his approach of using homeopathy and immunology together which made a breakthrough in curing obstinate diseases like mine. I studied homeopathy for myself from my school life. So I got interested in his approach and began to study immunology. Later I began to apply this combined formula of Dr. Julian on my family members, my relatives and my neighbors and I found extraordinary results. Then I joined with a renowned homeopath Dr. M M Ali of Bangladesh and applied this new approach of homeopathy through him on thousands of patients for a period of 17 years (1975-1992) and confirmed the positive result of Dr. Julian’s system, which he explained in his book A treatise on Dynamised Micro-immunotherapy. Then I got myself admitted in the homeopathic college and obtained my diploma and later on I got my MD in alternative medicine from India and began to practice homeopathy regularly, after the demise of Dr.M M Ali whom I consider as my first associate in this mission. From the year 2000, I began to preach the modified homeopathic formula which I named Homeopathic Immunomodulation, in several international seminars held in Bangladesh and was appreciated by the eminent homeopaths like Dr. S A Malek, who is a holder of MBBS Degree and hence understood immunology well. Now my mission is to deliver this message of combined homeopathy and immunology to the practitioners of homeopathy world wide, so that the true benefit of homeopathy of Master Hahnemann can be materialized.


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